Nilo – the coffee table collection, inspired by the traditional coffee tables in cafes around the Mediterranean and especially along the Nile River.

Like the Albert tray collection, Nilo presents a fresh contemporary interpretation of the traditional coffee table. In prints to suit a broad range of styles and tastes, Nilo adds a charming, joyful touch to any space in homes, restaurants and cafes.  

With its iconic shape and beautifully balanced proportions, Nilo cuts a fine figure as a side table next to a couch, at the doorway or on the patio for your
pot-plant or vase, lamp or other decorative item.

Nilo is the perfect solution for home hosting. Easy to carry, the small table can be quickly moved alongside guests, keeping refreshments and drinks comfortably within their reach.

Made of nickel-plated metal, this durable table stands 72 cm high and has a 34 cm diameter, making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.